Effective Home Remedies For Acid Reflux – GERD and Other Stomach Pain Causes

by follett79 on February 23, 2010

By Renee Pullman

For many years the prescription for stomach pain has been antacids to fight too much acid in the stomach. Antacid pills, lozenges, and even liquids. These are of great help for an occasional upset stomach. But if you use them overtime you will find your stomach problems increasing as your body compensates for the reduction of acid.

However as time goes on we find more and more, that less intuitive means help. Many find that red apples and apple cider vinegar (acetic acid) are of great help in eliminating stomach pain caused by GERD. It makes no sense that an acid based food would help acid reflux and yet the proof is there. A big part of the reason is you are not fighting against your bodies natural means of operating. With antacids you try to neutralize stomach acid. In effect, you are fighting against yourself and not working in harmony with your body.

Getting in harmony with your bodies natural processes is in fact the key to solving stomach pain, acid reflux, and other stomach and digestive disorders. Doctors tell us that most people go around in a state of semi-dehydration — we don’t drink enough water. The problem with that is water is what our body uses to flush toxins. Drinking a cup for every waking our will give your body a tune-up all by itself. It will help digestion.

Reducing processed foods is another good step. Most processing removes nutrients and fiber from food. Our bodies need all of these good things to keep in proper operation. Can you learn to add in more vegetables, fruits, and nuts instead? The good you will do yourself will begin to show up as you maintain these better nutrition habits.

As you improve your diet you will find that your overall health will begin to improve. Your body will pay you the dividends of improving your stomach problems, increasing your energy, and your since of well being. Many digestive and stomach problems are diseases of civilization. Conditions that are caused by modern living, convenience and processed foods. As we bring our diet and habits closer to nature we begin to fix the conditions that we have created.

There are also natural combinations for food. Foods that go together and those that don’t. This again is part of the natural balance that modern life has brought. The sad thing is that for many years we have been conditioned to believe that it can all be handled by a few pills. Yet we create huge problems and great sufferings for ourselves by breaking the natural balance.

I invite you to learn more about restoring the natural balance in your diet and resolving your stomach pain permanently.

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