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Chia Seeds For Energy, Vitality, And Health

Chia Seeds For Energy, Vitality, And Health

by admin on November 8, 2008

I recently read The Magic Of Chia, The: Revival Of An Ancient Wonder Food by James Scheer. An interesting and revealing book about Chia seeds as a super energy food.

Chia was made famous by the Chia Pets that have been on TV in the Christmas season for many years. These seeds grow fast to make a coat of ‘hair’ for your pet. I never saw the appeal of the Chia Pet. But as much as I hated seeing those commercials come on TV I couldn’t help taking a closer look at Chia seeds as a food. Chia turns out to be rich in Omega-3, fiber, and other nutrients. I buy my seeds from Raw Vegan Books and here is their discussion of the nutrients:

The seeds have twice the protein of any other seed or grain, five times the calcium of milk, boron which is trace mineral that helps transfer calcium into your bones, omega 3 and omega 6 which are essential oils for the body. They also have a very long list of valuable nutrients in them naturally. The soluble fiber in the gel forms a wall between carbohydrates and the body, releasing them slowly into the body. This has been found to be very helpful for people who have trouble controlling their sugar levels like Diabetics. Dieters love the seeds because it can be added to any food or drink in a ratio of 75% to the volume of food or drink and will not change the taste. Because the carbohydrates are released slowly you will get the feeling of being full. Many use the seeds as a way to control their appetites. The gel has no taste.

In the book Scheer talks about improved athletic performance and a broad spectrum of health benefits. He also details the history from Chia’s Aztec roots as a food of royalty to their near loss after the Spanish conquerors that nearly killed out those peoples.

My favorite use is as the gel described above and as thickener for soup. Chia will be a welcome addition to your kitchen too as a secret ingredient that improves your families health as it satisfies the appetite.

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